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Native French, thanks to globetrotting parents, I had the opportunity to learn several langages in early childhood. And thus, having resided for more than 10 years in English-speaking countries, I became fluent in both French and English. 


Having a passion for foreign languages and cultures, I studied other languages: Odiya from India, and Bengali, and their respective scripts, the Devanagari script, and Spanish. I discovered these languages by exchanging with locals, sometimes in formal classes, more often on my own.


These experiences enabled me to understand the learning mechanisms better, and to understand the methods that work, and those that don’t, to actually speak a language, understand and master it. 


Powered by a will to share my passion for learning, I resumed my studies (halted during my travels), passed A-level exams with success, and followed different trainer and teacher trainings. I started teaching English and French in 2018, in both individual and group classes.


My methods are based on a fundamental principle : helping the learner (re)gain confidence by pointing out their strengths, which they can rely on to progress. This is done by immersion, mainly oral learning, starting where the learner is, thanks to an initial assessment test.


I then adapt lessons according to your requirements.


Classes are mainly conversational, with discussions on different themes, and also some grammatical lessons as necessary.


For children, immersion into the French langage is realized through different activities : role-playing, board games, songs etc.

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